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Deze chick maakt eetbare en gezonde sierraden

Ontmoet blogger en jewellery designer, Pamela (Pamazon Warrior). Ze deelde laatst haar fotocollectie RAW. Deze chick had het originele idee om eetbare mode accessoires te maken. De fotocollectie noemde ze RAW en deelde ze via Instagram.

Pamela maakte gebruik van blueberries, citroenen, tomaten, aubergines een veel meer. Hiermee maakten ze van alles, waaronder amrbanden, kettingen en oorbellen. Check het hieronder en wie weet raak je wel geinspireerd om zelf je eetbare ‘sierraden’ te maken.


Long Green Beans. | A while ago I realized that I was capable of making jewelry out of practically any material…a thought I ignored for a while but prayed and finally caved in. Felt silly telling anyone so I taught myself basic photography/editing, designed my own sets, did my makeup, and took my own self-portraits after work. Welcome to my new “Alternative Jewels” photography series, where I take everyday items and transform them into wearable chic jewelry. First up is my RAW installment, where I use only raw fruits and vegetables (like these green beans). RAW reflects not only the materials I use, but how vulnerable I feel exposing talents I tried to bury. Stop waiting for people to help you. Maybe you’re meant to do it yourself.

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Bell Pepper Bangles.

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