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Vrouw lost schoten op KFC personeel omdat ze geen servet kreeg

In de geboortestad van fastfoodketen KFC gebeurde het, een onbekende vrouw loste schoten met haar 9mm handgun door het drive-thru raampje van de KFC. En voor wat?

Omdat ze geen servet en geen vorkje kreeg. Steve Cook, personeel van de KFC, legt in een facebook post hoe het die dag eraan toe ging.

“This happen at KFC early today some women got made over paper towels and a fork and shot a 9 mm at workers in Shelbyville to day,” Steve Cook wrote on FB along with an image of the shattered window.”

The store closed for the day shortly thereafter. KFC released a statement about the shooting, saying they were thankful no one was hurt and that they are cooperating with police.

“First and foremost we are grateful that no one was injured,” they said. “We are working with local authorities as they investigate the incident.”

De subway aan de overkant van de KFC liet aan politie weten: “I just can’t even think about what was going through their head to pull out a gun and shoot a window. It’s scary,” Charlene Witt said, before revealing how she deals with enraged customers. “If someone comes in irate, just give them what they want. Just give them what they want and be done with it and get them out of the store as quick as you can.”